HTP-104 Wick Spool

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HTP is a wick designed to provide the benefits of a self-trimming wick posture with rigidity found in cored wick. This rigidity is due to a speciality yarn fibre that is incorporated into the construction of the braid. This speciality yarn, which is 100% natural fibres increases the burn temperature, which results in less carbon build-up (Mushrooming).

This is a good all around wick for paraffin, gel and vegetable waxes that require hotter burning applications. These wicks are raw and have no wax coating. They are also suitable for people wishing to wax coat and make their own wicks.

Please choose carefully and always buy the smaller amount when unsure as we do not accept refunds on wicks.

Length Sold per metre
Wax Coating Uncoated
Suitable For Containers 76 – 101mm
Pillars 76 – 101mm

*Please note this is a guide only, you must conduct your own testing to ensure the optimal wick size for your container.

Use our wick tabs to make a wick assembly


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