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Titanium Dioxide

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Titanium dioxide is a natural oxide of titanium. Titanium dioxide is one of the whitest materials known to exist and is therefor included in many cosmetic preparations to reflect light away from the skin.  It is a major component of sun block and is also used in soap for it’s whitening properties.  It can be used in clear Melt and Pour soap base to achieve opacity.

To use in soap:

For cold process soap, add ½ teaspoon of oxide to 1-2 Tbps of water and mix well – add 1 teaspoon of this mixture to your soap mixture.

INCI Iron Oxide
Lip Safe Yes
Cosmetic Use Yes, FDA approved for cosmetic use
Form Matte white powder

4 reviews for Titanium Dioxide

  1. Shaddix&Co

    I mix with my still warm lye soloution, and stick blend before adding to oils, mixes better than other water solouble TD ive tried.

  2. debbie_webby

    5 stars from me. I have found this works really well. I mix with warm water, then add in my batter. it works great. I also will add the TB as a powder into my lye water while its hot, it works really great like that too.

  3. Laura

    Good quality. Performs well in cp

  4. Libby Williams

    I was really excited to find water soluble TD because everyelse seems to be only oil dispersable. I mix 1 part TD with 2 parts water and mix with a coffee frother (mixes easily so isn’t really necessary) and just store it separately and use it when needed.

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